Faster Capital

Get money for marketing in 48 hours

Double your next month’s revenue.
On-demand growth capital for revenue-generating start-ups.


We fund your marketing in the amount of 2x your monthly revenue. The company repays 1.15x of the borrowed amount in monthly installments. Payments are linked to future revenue.
No hidden fees. No compounding interest. No cash outlay in a low month.


Send us revenue data and conversion funnel.
Receive the term sheet in 24 hours.
Get funding in 48 hours.
No pitching. No financial models. No lengthy due diligence.

For founders

Higher revenue means higher valuation. It also means getting closer to profitability. VC route or bootstrap: we provide capital for both choices and don’t ask equity in return. The funding scales as your company grows.
No dilution. No board seats. No personal guarantees.

Investment criteria

Subscription services, Direct to consumer, SaaS, in-app purchases.
Monthly Revenue
Revenue history
3+ months
Positive return on marketing spend
Cheaper than venture capital, more flexible than a bank.
Faster than anyone.
Faster Capital
Venture Capital
Bank loan
15% flat
ownership of the start-up
20% p.a. compounding, hidden fees
$5,000 MRR
3 months history
disruptive model, double-digit growth, unfair competitive advantage
profitability, asset pledge, personal guarantee
Decision time
48 hours
Decision time
linked to revenue, early repayment without penalties
sale of the company
fixed monthly payments, early repayment fee
$10,000 — $1,000,000
$1,000,000 — $100,000,000
$25,000 — $100,000
Impact on equity
stays with the owners
sold to VC
pledged to bank
% of revenue payments until 1.15x is repaid
loss of the company
loss of the company and personal assets

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